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HAM'S F-10 NUTRITIENT MIXTURE with L-Glutamine and NaHCO3 for laboratory use

For laboratory use

Ham’s F-10 nutritient mixture is used growth and maintenance medium. Applicable in tumour cell cultures, especially melanocytes. Features low concentration of tyrosine, preventing spontaneous melanisation of tumour cells, thus enabling their constant maintenance in in-vitro conditions. Sterilised through filtration. Control tests of Ham’s F-10 nutritient mixture include sterility, pH (7.3 ± 0.2), osmolarity (270-300 mOsmol/l, suitability for cell cultures. On customer’s demand, the following modifications of Ham’s F-10 nutritient mixture can be prepared:

  • with 2% human albumin additive
  • with 2% human albumin additive and antibiotics


bottle, containing 50 or 100 ml of solution

Use-by period:

6 months


2°C - 8°C.