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BOVINE SERUM for laboratory use

For laboratory use

Provides natural source of proteins. Serves as replenishment factor for growth media in cell cultures. Also used in laboratory and diagnostic & bacteriological research. Bovine serum does lose its nutritious values after multiple freezing and defrosting. Serum is obtained from clinically healthy animals, free from infectious diseases, examined by veterinarian. Sterilised through filtration. Control test of bovine serum include sterility, pH (7.8 ± 0.3), osmolarity (260-320 mOsmol/l), total protein contents (6.0-9.0%), absorbance (less than 0.4 by 415 nm), suitability for cell cultures.


bottle, containing 50 or 100 ml of serum

Use-by period:

12 months


store in temperature below -5°C.