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Mesenchymal stem cells
Patent No.: P.408903

The culture medium StemBio® is a specialized, ready medium for the culture of stem cells. Allows you to optimize conducted cell culture. The substrate is specifically dedicated to carry out short-and long-term stem cell culture. The composition of this innovative medium was developed and tested by a team of researchers from the Medical University of Lublin and technologists of the company, "BIOMED-Lublin".

Decades of experience "BIOMED-Lublin" in the manufacture of in vitro diagnostic allows you to provide cutting-edge technology and the best conditions for the production and inspection of the product.
StemBio® substrate is produced on the premises of pharmaceutical grade, equipped with such production media. Water, steam and air meet the current requirements of the pharmacopoeia. Wrapping is made of boro-silicate glass, hydrolytic class thus ensuring stability of the product during its shelf life. The substrate StemBio® is a sterile product with a pH (7.2 ± 0.2), osmolality 300-340mOsmol / l. No toxicity of the substrate is controlled to a standard cell line.

The product is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Use the product only by qualified laboratory personnel in laboratory conditions in accordance with the principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).
When working with the product, wear suitable protection (apron, gloves, glasses).
Do not drink, do not eat, avoid contact with skin, protect the eyes.
The waste material comply with regulations on waste, such as:
Waste Act of 14 December 2012. (OJ 2013 No. 0, item 21).
Regulation of the Minister of Health of 23 December 2002. Concerning acceptable ways and conditions for the disposal of medical and veterinary waste (Journal of Laws 2003 No. 8 poz.104).
Regulation of the Minister of Health of 30 July 2010. the specific procedures for medical waste. (Journal. Laws of 2010 No. 139, item. 940).
Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development dated 1 October 2010. the specific procedures for veterinary waste (Journal. Laws 2010 No. 198, item. 1318).


Individual package StemBio® culture medium are glass bottles containing
100 ml or 500 ml of the finished product.


Original packed package of culture medium stored at 2 ° C to 8 ° C.
Protect from light. The term of validity of 6 months. Shelf life after opening of 48 hours, when stored at a temperature of from 2 ° C to 8 ° C.


All activities of the substrate must be carried out in laboratory conditions, by qualified personnel using aseptic technique and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

In order to maintain sterility and to maintain the usefulness of the substrate recommends the following course of action:

- Issue of storage of the bottle with the ground and then move into the room laboratory
- Heat content of the bottles to a temperature of 37 ° C,
- Disinfect the exterior of the bottle neck and cap disinfectant
- Open the bottle in the conditions of supply of sterile air (laminar lodge)
- Using a sterile pipette or syringe, withdraw the required volume of the finished substrate and transfer to the cell culture,
- Then secure the vessel with the ground stopper,
- Insert a bottle of untapped medium for a cold to a temperature of 2 ° to 8 ° C.

The product can not be used after the expiry date and in case of any signs of deterioration, ie. Turbidity, change in odor, color.


During the process the following tests are carried out in the control culture medium StemBio®:
- aridity
- pH
- osmolarity
- Non-toxic.